ORG.ID is a global open public decentralized organization registry.

Know Your Business

ORG.ID provides infrastructure and tools for completely automated verification of organization information. Grow your partner network without limitations with the help of fully automated KYB process.

ORG.ID provides real-time identification and verification of organization records through third-party registers.


  • Automated partner onboarding
  • Validate organization vitals in real-time
  • Transparent verification results
  • Unfalsifiable record of organization data
  • Mitigate risk from fraud
  • Reduce manual and labor-intensive identity checks
  • Fastest and low-cost solution available on the market
  • Cryptographically-secured line of communication between organizations
  • Compliant with the latest AML rules
  • Completely decentralized: no central storage of data means ultimate security
  • Comply with regional and international Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations
  • Increase revenue by alleviating manual interaction in the identification process
  • Easy integration into web applications
  • Comprehensive organization information, not just a score
  • Ultimate security (only the identity owner can manage it, because there is no central entity)
  • No surveliance! Only public data is disclosed.

Use Cases


Determining who you can and should do business with has significant cost, time, and resource implications. ORG.ID is a streamlined way of performing KYB (know your business) checks.


Connecting buyers and sellers in the fastest and cheapest way possible is the main goal of any marketplace. ORG.ID solves both problems in an elegant and efficient way.


Many governments already passed regulations around public organization registries, KYB, AML, UBO, etc. ORG.ID provides a free framework for solving these issues, which otherwise could cost millions of dollars.


The burden of performing KYC and KYB checks is extremely heavy in the finance sector. ORG.ID is the most efficient way of solving these problems for fintech companies.

Technical Documentation

ORG.ID is an experimental technology. Please refer to technical documentation to explore its potential.